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3 Common Dieting Myths Busted

There are loads of myths surrounding losing weight, some are misinterpreted from research that has been done, and some are just plain made up! These myths can actually stop you losing as much weight as you could, and then when you find your diet is not working out as planned …

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Urban Health And Fitness Myths

Urban Health and Fitness Myth or Fact 1. Inactivity turns muscle into fat: Nearly Truth a. The reality is that muscle and fat are 2 very completely different tissues with in the body. No, muscle can’t flip into the fat though a sedentary lifestyle can cause your muscles to burn …

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Leading Dieting Myths

Myth One: Ingesting fat free meals can help you shift excess lbs Although keeping to a low fat weight loss plan can help you to shift those extra lbs, health officials advise against removing fat out of your diet completely as it can trigger obesity and diabetes. On top of …

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6 Myths About Dieting

People who are serious about wanting to lose weight will try almost anything. Here are some of the popular dieting myths you shouldn’t be paying any attention to: Myth #1: Drink water instead of eating your meals. It is important that you drink plenty of water in order to keep …

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Top 10 Myths of Dieting

Diet myth #1: Fat-free means I will lose weight. Fail. Studies found that fat-free does not actually help a person lose weight and causes more weight gain. Reason for that range from the product actually not being healthier than its “fat” predecessor and people tend to eat more of it …

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Your Health And Fitness Facts & Myths Revealed

We’ve all learned things about information that turns out not to be true, health and fitness facts and myths are no different really. As you probably know myths begin when one person carries something they heard even if only partially heard on to a third person who then carries it …

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